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Hi, my name is Berit. Married to a dude named Greg and mother of 3 kids.  daughter, Krista (26y), step-son, Connor (21), & son Logan (13).


Ever since my daughter started school back in 1998, I have always volunteered at all my kids' schools and have been apart of several PTAs & PTOs.  

One year, I signed up to coordinate Spirit Wear (thinking - it can't be THAT much work.  People just order shirts and I deliver them) Right? Ahhhh, nope.  I was flooded with questions about measurements, fabric types and special requests.  I needed to make sure I collected money from everyone, remind them to pay AND dealt with returned checks.  I then placed the order and was unpleasantly surprised to find that I had to sort ALL the orders by Student, match sizes, and deliver.



Now, untopable. is an ecommerce company that specializes in clothing  for infants, children and adults. We currently specialize in School Spirit Wear & Custom Wear for schools, companies, teams, groups & troops. 

Why Explore the world?
Every since my kids were young, I encouraged them to see the world.  We have been fortunate enough to travel and show our kids different cultures and ways of life...some superior to our lifestyle and many not even close. Exploring the world either physically or through the internet is so important.  I feel it gives our kids a social edge and understanding of how we all are different and the same.  Acceptance - such a refreshing word.


Why Express yourself?
As many of you know, each of our children can have such different personalities.  


My daughter grew up with having a hard time in school, had to work hard for everything. She has dealt with stress and anxiety in the past, yet she always was able to express herself through art, how she dressed, and her creativity .


On the other hand, my step-son Connor, (who doesn't have an artistic bone in his body...haha) can just coast thru life.  Coasted through soccer...not the best nor the worst player on the team.  Coasts thru school & college...making great grades through college due to hard work.  His expression?..."vanilla".  Haha.  That's what we call it.  He is a blank slate and, now a college graduate, we know he will grow into his own type of "expression".

Our 8th Grader, Logan (a.k.a. Mr. family glue) watches over everyone :)  He expresses compassion when we volunteer for others and for our family.  He checks on his big sister (who lives with her boyfriend in San Fernando Valley, Ca.) through text and facetime.  Checks on his brother (who lives with his girlfriend in Phoenix, Az.) through many apparently "annoying" texts of "are you home yet?", "are you there?", "how are you?", "you're not answering so I'm getting worried"...and more LOL!

BE untopable.  

Help make your school's Spirit Wear untopable.  Make a special family reunion, a girl scout troop, boy scout troop, sports team....any group you're passionate about.... untopable.

COMING IN 2020!  Buy untopable Fashions & graphic Tees while to buy your Spirit Wear!  No extra delivery charge.  Does your kid love Science?  Buy a Spirit Wear item, buy a funny science graphic tee and...why not a cute blouse or Mom Tee!?  Your whole order will be delivered to school or your designated coordinator or delivered directly to your home.

We are committed to encourage children to explore the world around them (as close as the backyard or nearest park to a new state or country).  Express themselves , through clothing, art, anything... and listening to others from different cultures & lifestyles…it's fun to feel “untopable”.

I created our company logo with our favorite family sidekicks in mind.  

Our dogs Bubba & Stanley

The "inside joke" Bubba is blind (driving the wagon)


    R.I.P. Bubba Jan/2017

    R.I.P. Stanley July/2020



We'd love to hear from you

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