First Time Cruiser Tips - Things to know before going on your Cruise

March 27, 2018

General cruise information


Cabins usually only have 2 outlets at the desk area & 1 in the bathroom (sometimes in ceiling) An outlet strip is helpful when more than one person wants to charge a camera/phone/etc. plus use the hair dryer.:

Most walls in your cabin are steel.  Bring these magnetic hooks to hang hats, towels, etc. to save space on your counters.

Bring reusable water bottles so you don’t have to pay for the ones in your cabin.  There is usually free lemonade, ice tea & water on the lido deck.  Fill up every evening before bed or morning and bring to the pool and/or on excursions.

If you have a balcony, bring a good, long, strong bungee cord.  You can use it to keep your door open and listen to the ocean while resting or getting ready for the day.  The air conditioning automatically shuts off while the door is open (I think).

Balcony room?  Bring clips so that you can hang out your swim suits, etc on the balcony without them blowing away J

Ladies, the bathroom is small.  If you are sharing with anyone, bring this kind of mirror.  In the evening/when getting ready for dinner, I usually shower first and then put on makeup, etc. at the desk area.  If I want to put on my make up with “natural light”  I use the handheld mirror by the window.

If you like soda and want to save some $, usually you can bring a 6-pack on per person.  (maybe more - check with your cruise peeps).  We like to bring a small soft cooler (packed in our suitcase) and keep it in the room with ice (housekeeping will fill with fresh ice every evening – if requested – we tip more for that)  keep sodas chilled in there.

If you like wine & want to save $, I think you can bring a bottle or 2 per person (again, check with your cruise peeps).

If you like liquor & want to save $... we drink vodka and crystal lite usually while on vacation.

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